Shanghai Dream Science & Technology Co. was established on May 18th 2001 by Benjamin Zhou Ph.d. The continued aim of the company is to provide excellent sales agency and technical service products to a wide range of customers.


Many years of continuous effort has provided the company with great experience within key industry sectors such as coal mining, petrochemical, coal-fired power stations and steel works. This has allowed expansion into ownership of offices in downtown Shanghai.


Shanghai is a modern, thriving business hub in China, hosting many global organisations. In the current economic environment more and more companies are looking to broaden their reach and take advantage of the huge opportunities in the emerging Chinese market, however, they face a situation where the business environment presents a myriad of language, cultural and regulatory complexities that must be managed correctly in order to achieve success.


Dream’s team of serious-minded professionals, experienced in Science & Technology, can help to provide best-in-class service and technical expertise to clients interested in entering into partnership in order to develop their business presence and sell high-tech industrial products into the wider Chinese market.


Please feel free to contact us directly to discuss your specific requirements in detail to see how Shanghai-Dream can help drive your success.

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